For Sale; Los Angeles, City of Gold

I have  made a set of 5 black and white images of Los Angeles and printed them using an archival method on 23 karat gold. The gold sheen is beautiful when the sun hits. Each image captures a part of Los Angeles that is lost in the mayhem of street signs and clusters of buildings. It’s all a part of my lost cities I’ve been working on. I am debuting it with Los Angeles.

There is a limited run of 5 each. It takes about 3-4 weeks to make each image. They are all hand crafted and unique. These 5×7 images are all mounted, matted and framed before shipping. Each image is 150.00 plus 25.00 shipping (within the USA). If you are interested in the entire set, $700.00 shipped, in the U.S.A.

Please let me know if you have any questions before purchase.

They can be purchased here.




Actual Image

I finally fell in love… with downtown Los Angeles

I’ve been visiting one of my oldest friends, Reese, in Los Angeles again and recently fell in love with downtown. Reese has been trying to get me to come up for months..maybe years, I can’t remember. I ended up coming for a friend’s re-branding soiree of their studio and met an amazing amount of talented folks. I had such a great time, I keep coming back. I spent the other day on Spring Street at the Social Trust. I got to hang out and watch a fashion shoot take place. It was refreshing and reminded me that I am talented and can also find my niche here.

We walked around all over downtown, I felt great. I was comfortable. It was a side of LA I had never been introduced to. I was finally hanging out with the right people and doing the right thing. I loved the old architecture, I could walk around all day. I love old shit. I ran into old acquaintances, a crabby old man and met new friends, the kind you keep around because they are like little slices of fried gold. And who doesn’t like gold? They are talented and creative and they want my conceptual input… I was stoked. I’ll be back next week and eventually permanently.

So now Los Angeles, because of a good friend and some talented kids on Spring Street, I have a fond place for you in my heart. You made me feel alive and I can’t wait to see you again.

burn baby burn

Griffith Park Observatory

A few years back I lived under the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. Los Angeles had just gone through a rigorous remodel with the observatory. Due to an accidental fire, it almost went up in flames. As I stood on my roof, wondering if I should evacuate, I decided to capture a moment. This moment is now burned into my memory and one of the last reminders of living in Los Angeles.

*** These images were taken by Melody Hall and are copyright.