Back in ‘Nam

        buddhist monk vietnam 2001

I went to this temple often before they repainted it. It’s near my mom’s village where she grew up as a child. He’s my fleeing monk.


This is my Aunt doing the wash out front while the tide is high. I had visited them in 2001 and 2004, it’s a beautiful country. Highly recommended.



I took a ride as far East as I could go, before it got dark this week. I found a vista with a line I could make out in the mountains. I had been searching for a path to represent where I am. It has been a long and rugged one, crooked at times… not just literally but metaphorically speaking. I liked this one because I couldn’t make out where it actually began or ended. I could only see a part of it, like only living in the present, not looking too far ahead or behind. The landscape around was overwhelming but peaceful, like my life has become. My life has calmed down but the changes are overwhelming on my path. I look East as far as the eye can see and I want to go further. I should just enjoy the view.

The Sea, She Moves Me

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The Sea is one of the most beautiful elements in nature, something to be respected and preserved. I grew up near the Ocean and it has been a part of my earliest memories from childhood. It scares me, soothes me and sings me to sleep. It can be strong and nurturing like a mother or cold and lonely as the night. The Sea is where we got our start and it is where my obsession lies.

In this collection of digital images, I capture the movement of the sea after the sun goes down. During these magical moments, the long exposures allow the water to change into a mist.  The effect of the misting water around a stable item like a cliff or pier, the viewer can see the magic and emotionally relate to the environment. As they journey through my images, the viewer can see how moods are affected by the environment and weather.

My goal is to show the power and beauty of the ocean, after hours. Most people leave after sunset and don’t get to witness the beauty after dark. The ocean and reminiscent light leftover from the day, put on a magical show that can only be captured in a camera.