Can't stop searching

Can’t stop searching


I got the notice that my self portrait that I took last year immediately after my dog was maliciously killed by a pitbull. I swear I’ll be searching forever, but I won’t stop. I miss my boy like you would not believe. I’ve cried everyday that he’s been gone. I cry because my heart is broken and my boy has been taken. The dog that killed him deserves to be put to sleep. I still believe that to this day. He snapped at my kid and killed my dog. That dog is a menace to society and will harm someone else soon. I hope someone does take action a forces the owner to do what is right, what needs to be done. No matter how much training you pay, no pit bull can be trusted. I never thought that until it happened to me. If I could I would do it myself, but I’m not allowed. Someone in San Diego please put that dog out of my misery. Or take him to be locked up forever. He doesn’t deserve life.