The Space Between

What separates me from most of you, the Pacific Ocean. It’s a long drop here, about 60 feet offshore the island has a sheer drop 6000 feet into the deep. This is where the big blue whales come during the winter months to raise their young. It seems that is the thing to do in Hawaii, raise young.

This image is a part of an ongoing project this fall. After losing someone, I’ve been creating a darker series about how lost I’ve felt. I’m not sure when the pain subsides, but for now it fuels my work.


One thought on “The Space Between

  1. I totally love your work!!
    Came here from your latest self-portrait at strataoftheself today (that’s a fantastic blog too, I love Ashley’s project) and I’ve been looking through all your posts starting from the newest one (and now I’m on this post, but I’ll look through the rest of your posts too).
    You’ve got an awesome creativity and great skills. There’s so many photos that I like/love, so I’ve probably spammed down your like button already (I’m sorry about that, but technically speaking it’s your own fault for sharing so many cool photos).
    I could probably have written a long list of words such as beautiful, provocative, wonderful, magic, etc, etc as comment on your photos, but I’ll just sum it up shortly with these words: I’m really glad that I found your blog!

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